WE are proud that the WE Fashion Sustainability Strategy forms an essential element of our company. We believe this strategy will enable us to deliver greater value and innovation.

The WE Fashion Sustainability Strategy is based on 4 pillars: Improving the supply chain, making better products, making our business more sustainable, and giving back to society. These 4 pillars are further subdivided into 9 different goals, including many actions that are taken to achieve the goals.

Our 4 pillars.

Improving the supply chain

We believe this strategy will enable us to deliver greater value, innovation and competition in the years to come.

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Making better products

We want to minimize the burden on the environment by using more environmentally friendly fibers and materials for products, and using cleaner factories for production.

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Improving our way of working

We find it important that we work with happy employees in a healthy and safe working environment and work hard to make that possible.

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Giving back to society

We do not only want to focus on creating profit, but we want all parties involved to benefit from the production of our clothing. It is our responsibility to give back to society.

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Finding the right connection between social, environmental and economic interests so that fashion can become sustainable. Something that will interest all stakeholders.


We truly care about all people and our planet. To behave responsibly in our actions so that everyone involved can trust WE Fashion to create products that are made with respect for people and the planet. Now and in the future.


In the reports and overviews below you can read where sustainability at WE Fashion stands for and what activities we undertake in the field of sustainability. You can also see what our plans are for the coming years.

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